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Plan a stress free workday by pulling together your tasks, emails, and calendars in one place.
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“The tool that has had the greatest impact on my life and my productivity is unquestionably Sunsama. This app deserves a Nobel prize”

Paul Galatis

“I use Sunsama to help me keep track of everything and make sure the most important things get done.”

Geoff Ralston

“Sunsama helps me make better decisions and stay focused on my priorities rather than just reacting to my schedule.”

Merci Victoria Grace
Investor and Product Leader

Sunsama is the daily habit trusted by thousands of high-performers

Unify your work

Sunsama lets you view your todos, calendars, emails, and tasks in a single calm and focused view.

You will be less overwhelmed by all your tools and tasks.
Import tasks from any task tool.

End burnout

Sunsama's daily planning ritual prevents unsustainable and unfocused workloads.

You will end each day feeling fulfilled and accomplished.
Indicator that shows how many hours you are working.

Stay focused

Drag and drop tasks to the calendar to plan your focused work sessions.

You will carve out deep focus even on meeting heavy days.
Drag and drop tasks to your calendar. Set a shutdown time.

Relearn how to work

Sunsama's daily email course helps you cultivate your daily planning habit and teaches you better ways to work.

You will learn how to work with focus and intention and build better work habits.
Daily emails that teach productivity concepts.

See what a day in Sunsama looks like.

Start your 14-day trial. No card required.

Eliminate burnout, stress, and overwork. Work with calm and focus.
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