Sunsama meets ClickUp!

Pull in your most important ClickUp tasks each day to plan a calm and focused work day.
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Focus on today

Browse all your ClickUp tasks inside of Sunsama, pull in just the few you need for today.

Instead of being overwhelmed by your entire ClickUp backlog, you'll focus on just the tasks that matter for today.

Schedule deep work

Drag your ClickUp tasks to your calendar to block off time for deep work.

Get your most important work done even on days where you have a lot of meetings.

Stay in sync

Sunsama automatically updates ClickUp tasks when you import them into your daily plan or check them off. Customize your automations to fit your workflows.

You can use Sunsama to plan your day and still keep your team's ClickUp updated.

Control and run your workday from one calm and focused view

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Eliminate burnout, stress, and overwork. Work with calm and focus.
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